About us

Burua scientific is a solutions provider for the biotech, pharma and health sector.

The mission of Burua scientific is to provide solutions that could shorten the time to market of new drugs and treatments.  We work together with different actors of the sector to maximize R&D results through high-quality tailored services

The introduction of computation in different stages of the drug discovery cycle, specially in the early steps, could help to reduce bottlenecks trasforming traditional processes into agile and lean approaches. Computation has the power to transform classical drug discovery processes optimizing them towards a more affordable procedures that could result in a shorten time to market for new drugs and treatments but also enable personalized medicine approaches as well as the development of new therapies for rare and neglected diseaes. 


  • Collaboration : We are a company that believes in collaboration as a main driver. We believe that together we can achieve greater goals. We are a company that doesn’t make differences between clients and partners, because for us you all are teammates. Our team-based approach is the best proof.
  • Excellence : We are a company that is always looking for the excellence. We believe that excellence is not an option, is a must. We want to be proud of what we do. The natural consequence of that is to deliver high-quality bespoke solutions driving by excellence.
  • Passion : We love what we do. We believe in our approach and we are convinced that we can be successful in our mission. That’s why we are always motivated to provide the best possible solution. We don’t have just a job, we have a passion.
  • Innovation : We are an open-mnided company not affraid of challenges and able to think out of the box to deliver innovative tailored solutions that match our clients and partners requirements.
  • Commitment : We are a commited company. We are compromised with our mission, vision and values. We are commited to our clients and partners. We are compromised to impact the society. We are committed to what we do.

Our history

Burua Scientfic was found by Dr. Melchor Sanchez-Martinez in 2021. Burua Scientific was born with the aim of collaborating and helping to optimize drug discovery. With the objective of sharing the knowledge acquired over the years with our clients and partners. With the idea that together we are better.

Dr. Sánchez-Martínez has more than a decade of experience in the application and development of computational tools to understand complex problems on the border between biology and chemistry. Biotechnologist by training and later specialized in biophysics and computational chemistry, focusing on enzymatic catalysis and, specially, drug design. He has extensive experience in multidisciplinar consulting and publicly funded projects, becoming an effective communicator capable of speaking computational and experimental languages (and business jargon too!).

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