Data science

We use data science to unlock information that makes cures possible.

We use data science techniques to interrogate research data as well as to properly mining information from scientific literature and databases. In the actual era of (big) data be able to get the most of it is almost mandatory. Data is everywhere and its proper management and analysis can give us great benefits. Nowadays the correct use of data can constitute a strategic advantage for most companys around the world including those of the biotech, pharma and healthcare sectors. We put our experience at your service to help you get the most from your data, fostering your research.

There is a lot of information availbale in the scientific literature, patents and/or public databases and we are very proficient looking for it

Over the years we have developed and nurtured the ability to search for information. If you are looking for specific data and there is a reference to it out there we will find it. We are experts in looking for data on molecules, targets, diseases, pathways, mechanisms of action, allosterism, biological activities, clinical data, etc. We are experts in questioning and unraveling biochemical-medical-pharmaceutical information to find the right data.

We are also capable of transforming this information into reports, tables or databases, depending on the case, human-readable. We synthesize and group the information in the way that best suits your needs. Our goal is to ensure that you obtain the information you are looking for as quickly and optimally as possible.

We love to mining data and looking for information and we want to bring you our passion as a service or collaboration. If you want to extract knowledge and data from literature, databases, patents or other information sources, don’t hesitate to contact us! Together we will devise the way to collaborate and get the most of the avaiable information.

We want to help you the get the most of your research data. We love to automate the process of sifting through huge amounts of data to find signals/patterns of interest. Data science uses algorithms and other computational tools to extract knowledge from large sets of data. The most important thing is data. We need data to interrogate. We also need the right questions to do. Together we can examine your data, your questions and devise the best strategy to ask to your data what you are interested to know. 

If you have research data that you think may have hidden potential, feel free to contact us! We will explore together what we can do!

By using the technological binomy Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) – Data Science we can complement/improve traditional CADD methods. Most of the actual ligand-based techniques make an extensive use of data. A proper management and treatment of the data will help to get better results. Models generation could also benefit from good Machine Learning and data science practices. In our CADD pipeline we apply these techniques and good practices (check how). Moreover methods routinely used within structure-based approaches like docking, molecular dynamics or quantum mechanics could benefit from their association with Machine Learning-Data Science techniques. We have the knowledge to properly include AI-ML into structure-based workflows, let’s talk about it!

Contact us to learn how your CADD pipelines can improve with the use of Machine Learning-Data Science techniques!

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