Scientific Programming

We create custom bioinformatics and cheminformatics solutions to advance your research.

If you have a problem that you believe could be solved computationally, a problem related with biology / biotechnology / biomedicine / drug discovery / chemistry, count on us! If your problem can be solved with a typical CADD or data science solution, we will refer you to our service portfolio and if the proper solution to your needs is not in our portfolio but in some colleague’s portfolio we will put you in contact with them! In case we arrive to the conclusion that you need something more customized we will offer you the possibility to create a unique solution completely adapted to your needs!


  • Languages: Python, Bash, HTML, CSS , Perl, Fortran, JS, AWK 
  • Libraries: Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, ScikitLearn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, RdKIt, CDK, BioPython, etc
  • Databases: SQL, MongoDB
  • Data science&analytics workflows: Knime
  • Notebooks: Ipython notebook, Google collab
  • Web pages / Blog: WordPress, GitHub pages, Jekyll, Markdown
  • Cloud: AWS


  • Programs, Scripts and Algorithms development
  • Data management & analysis solutions
  • Scientific web pages & blogs creation
  • Scientific cloud solutions

That’s our main experience and the programming services we believe could be of general interest. However we can manage more technology and offered different services. In case you have a need, don’t hesitate to contact us! Together we will analyze your project and find the right solution for you. If this solution is out of our exprertise we will put you in contact with some colleague, if any, that could help you.

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