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We provide you tailored services to satisfy your needs

Ranging from CADD solutions to boost your Drug Discovery projects to writing and teaching services to foster knowledge and innovation, our team-based approach in close collaboration with our clients and partners, make us different; It allow us to operate as team-mates, virtual members of your organization, in a responsive and professional way
We always adapt to client’s necessities and requirements not only in the delivered service but also in the way to do that.  We can work in a hourly, daily or FTE basis as well as in a traditional project basis. Success-fee basis schemes can also be considered. We use to, unless you prefer something different, conceive our work as a set of tasks/milestones with Go/No-Go decision points. This strategy lowers the potential risk of your project, maximizing the chances of a success outcome meanwhile gives you a wider flexibility and control of the project.
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We deliver tailored solutions combining traditional ligand and structure based CADD methods with AI, Data science and Quantum Mechanics to foster your molecule and target discovery programs.

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Data Science

We use data science techniques to squeeze your research data as well as scientific literature to unlock information that makes cures possible.

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Scientific Programming

We create custom bioinformatics and cheminformatics solutions to advance your research. Our mother language is python, but we also speak others.

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We help you to succesfully integrate computational tools into your drug discovery pipeline as well as to scientifc review and due-dilligence reviews of CADD related projects and tools.

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We used our accumulated experience to provide high-quality on demand scientific writing services. Catalan, English and Spanish.

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We put our knowledge to your service. We provide tailored training courses on CADD, bio&cheminformatics or programming among other subjects. Catalan, English and Spanish.

Why Burua Scientific

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Data security

We guaranteed your data security. We always sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you before provide a quote or start a project evaluation.


We don't retain any IP as a general rule. However we can offer contracts with tiered IP right schemes, in special cases, if you ask for it.

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Our team-based approach with Go/No-Go decission points maximize the succes rate, lowering project risks. and offer a greater flexibility and control to you.

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